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Welcome to CALBEX Mineral Trading Inc. You have discovered an easy access to the rich reserve of industrial minerals from China. Once you are together with us, CALBEX will become your forever partner.

A young but vigorous company, CALBEX Minerals Trading Inc. plays an active role in the supply of minerals, refractory materials, abrasives and metallurgic products from the People¨s Republic of China to Japan,Russia,Thailand,Spain,Germany,Italy,Australia & NZ, Canada, USA, Mexico, Turkey and other destinations. The guarantee to the stable quality of our products and to our standardized service is the professionals of our team. With the well-trained technicians working on site for production supervision, your orders are insured not only by our responsibility, but also the technical assistance.

Our global organization is developing. Besides two executive operating offices located in Zhengzhou City and Kaifeng City, two of the most important industrial centers of China, we have established liaison offices in Vancouver, Canada and Dubai, UAE. Our network of land transportation, vessel shipment, stock facilities will meet all your expectation to a professional trading firm.

Work with us! You make the decision today, and you will feel proud of it forever.

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